Blue Beetle Studio is passionate about design and has the expertise to carry creativity through to production


From initial concepts to dielines, art and production, Blue Beetle Studio is an expert in packaging and the understanding of the needs of the retail and business environment. With over 21 years of design experience with some of the world’s largest retailers including Target and Walmart, we have both the creativity and the expertise to provide innovative, on-target packaging ideas and carry those ideas through to production. We also have a comprehensive understanding of material and legal requirements, ensuring your projects are both compelling and compliant.


Terry Mertz is an award winning Creative Director whose credits include:

• Design of the Times Award Winner

• Popai Gold and Silver Award Winner

• Associated Press First Place Award Winner for Illustration

• Associated Press bronze Award Winner of Illustration

Mertz has designed packaging, branding and retail signage systems for some of the world’s largest retailers including Walmart, Target, CVS and Kmart. In addition, Mertz has created visual identities for the iconic brand American Greetings as well as visual products exclusively offered by Target.

Mertz also has extensive training in advertising, graphics, Illustration, retail signage design, wall murals and 3 dimensional art installations. He partners with a vast array of amazing creatives and will

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